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Does anyone remember the HealthRider? It was a machine that was a cross between a row machine and a bicycle. The advertising promised that if you got on the machine for 20 minutes per day you would be fit and muscular even though you looked like a dork while doing it, check out the ad and you will see what we mean. We don't know why, and please don't ask, but we spent the money and bought the HealthRider.

The 20 minute daily workout on the HealthRider lasted for about two weeks, tops. Then it was relegated to the guilty workout session, in other words, because the machine was in a prominent position in the house, our guilt increased as we walked by it every day so we would hop on and look ridiculous for 20 minutes once a month. Through time we were able to successfully turn the guilt-inducing torture device into a post-modern-retro-designer-piece that served as a clothes hanger and towel drying station. Eventually the HealthRider ended up in a yard sale where, what we had purchased with three easy installments of $99, sold for, the get rich quick price, of $25.

What were we buying when we bought the HealthRider? Well, what we were definitely not buying was the machine. Oh, we may have convinced ourselves that's what we were buying, but what we were really trying to buy was consistency. "This machine will do such wonders" we thought, "that we will just want to get on it and ride it every single day. In fact after three short weeks we will be the picture of health and being in shape will be automatic." Just in case you are wondering, it never happened.

The health and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry built on the promise of consistency. Every advertiser will promise results on their machine or with their diet if... wait for it... you are consistent in using it. Is this a duh moment for you? It was for us. If you are consistent with anything, you are going to get results, but here is the big secret, the one that we all need to take in and internalize, you can't buy consistency.

No matter how bright and shiny the new equipment is, was, or will be, its purchase will not produce consistency to maintain fitness or get in shape.

So instead of purchasing something new, suspend your disbelief and apply the laws of Streaking to your physical fitness. Law #1: Make it Laughably Simple. Law #2: No Record, No Streak. Law #3: Create a Community. Following the laws of streaking, consider this stack of streaks:

Streak Stack Name: I want to be physically fit.

Streak 1: Put work out clothes on daily

Streak 2: Lift at least one weight daily

Streak 3: Walk or Jog around the block at least one time daily

Keep the streaks alive for at least 100 days, you will be amazed at what happens. To track your streaks and join a community or make your own, download the Streaking app.

Keep Streakin’,

Jeff & Jami

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