Viral Streaking

On March 23, 2015 my wife and I started streak running, sounds exciting doesn’t it? No we were not running sans clothing, we were running or walking at least one mile daily and have continued that streak to present day. For six plus years the streak has kept us moving toward our aspiration of being healthy and fit long into twilight years of life. The running streak was the catalyst to uncovering the laws of streaking that started a movement in our life and in the lives of millions of people to set streaks to become who they ultimately want to be in all areas of life, personal, professional, physical, and, spiritual.

Speaking of millions of people, this week we had a viral Streaking reel pass 3.5 million views and 80,000 likes. The reel highlights the myth that 21 days makes a habit and challenges people to start a streak and join the world-wide streaking movement.

Following is a small sample of people’s active streaks and the be statement to which their streak aligns:

o Read at least one paragraph in a non fiction book: 420 days and counting – I want to be a continuous learner.

o Meditate over at least 5 breaths daily: 141 days and counting – I want to be mindful

o Learn at least one thing about stocks/investing daily: 342 days and counting – I want to be deliberate about my financial future.

o Send at least one thoughtful message daily: 1,052 days and counting – I want to be kind

o Open my planner at least one time daily: 736 days and counting – I want to be organized and responsive

o Complete one item of research daily: 338 days and counting – I want to be continuously studying history

o Clear pending transactions in YNAB at least three times weekly: 29 weeks and counting – I want to be conscious of my spending and savings.

o Review at least one leadership skill or principle daily: 1,411 days and counting – I want to be of service to others.

As I mentioned, this is a small sample of streaks, there are thousands of active streaks that people are employing to become who they ultimately want to be.

In the soon to be released upgraded version of the Streaking app you will be able to follow people and their streaks, see what they are learning daily, and watch how their lives change as they use the power of consecutive consistency to do what previously seemed out of reach.

I invite you to read the Streaking book and give Streaking a try. Join the largest community of streakers in the world and see what wonderful positive things happen in your life when you unlock the power of consecutive consistency.

Keep Streakin’,


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