The Great Leader vs the Mediocre Leader

As we have studied leaders in almost every type of organization, the attribute that separates the great leaders from the mediocre leaders is consecutive consistency. According to the definition of consecutive is: following one another in an uninterrupted succession or order. The definition of consistency is: steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, or form.

Look at any leader, heralded as great, and you will see consecutive consistency. You will see that every day they read books, articles, or papers. Every day they interact with people they lead seeking feedback about processes, procedures, and practices. Every day they exercise, meditate, and write. The question is how do great leaders do this? How do they find the time to fit these practices into their daily life? The answer: Streaking.

Streaking is the combination of consecutive and consistent. It is steadfast adherence to daily weekly or monthly practices grounded in principles producing life-changing results. It is the laws that activate consecutive consistency in the great leader’s life.

The laws of Streaking are as follows:

Law 1: Make it Laughably Simple

Law 2: No Record, No Streak

Law 3: Create a Community

Following are a few streaks of great leaders we have studied:

Read at least one paragraph in a non-fiction book daily

Write at least one sentence for a book, article or blog daily

Connect with at least one person you lead daily

Sweat at least one time daily

Reflect on one thing learned or observed at least one time daily

We found in our studies that the great leader challenges themselves on how long they can do at least the laughably simple activity not on the achievements. Their energy is in the climb not the destination. They set a floor of streaks on which they stand every day.

What great leaders do is overlooked and outshined by what they accomplish. Seeing the laughably simple is hard when the direct sunshine of achievement is in your face. But when you shade the shine and study the practice you see the foundation of every great accomplishment and every great leader is the simple practice of constant consistent action that produces the amazing result.

Keep Streakin’,


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