Streaking Women: Not What You Think

As we wrap up women’s history month, I wanted to highlight successful women who have made consistency part of their accomplishments. Some of these women are still currently adding to their achievements and some have already left their mark. Each of these women molded a different area: broadcasting, sports, literature, and aerospace. One thing that these women all have in common is a desire to intentionally create the life they want. These women have done that through being consistent, essentially these women were streaking.

Oprah Winfrey

You’d have to search pretty far to find someone who has never heard of Oprah Winfrey. Over the last five decades she has expanded her business empire from news broadcasting to her own television network. Oprah has interviewed more than 37,000 people over 25 years[1] and understandably maintains a demanding schedule. One thing that she makes sure to keep in her busy timeline is a meditation streak, even on holidays and weekends.[2] Oprah aims for 20 minutes a day, but is content with a simple 10 minutes if she is running short on time. She says meditation is the key to preventing the outside world from convincing you that you are not enough.[3]

Jane Austen

Jane is one of the most well-known authors of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Her style of composition helped to usher in a new style of realism in literature with a focus on common people and their stories. Jane had to find opportunities for writing in between other responsibilities common to women during her time: entertaining, housekeeping, and walking.[4] Yet, creating was so important to her that Jane made an effort to write every day. Her father gave her a writing desk for her 19th birthday, a small wooden box that would allow a person to transport materials and turn any space into one suitable for writing.[5] Jane used that freedom to be able to consistently put pen to paper and thereby create classics that have been and will be enjoyed for centuries.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh

For three consecutive Summer Olympic Games, from 2004 to 2012, Misty and Kerri enthralled the world with their beach volleyball prowess and won three consecutive gold medals. They built their Olympic success on uninterrupted winning streaks. They maintain the longest beach volleyball winning streak with 112 straight matches.[6] Misty and Kerri built this winning record on another streak; they each make it a point of having a healthy, balanced breakfast every day.[7] The consistency of good nutrition fuels their ability to outperform their opponents on the court.

Katherine Johnson

Katherine was an African American “human computer”, one of the female mathematicians who computed equations for NASA, for more than 30 years. Her calculations allowed some of the first humans to orbit the earth and to land on the moon. Katherine’s skills were so respected that astronaut John Glenn asked her to check the computations that had been made by an IBM computer before he would leave on a mission.[8] Katherine’s math streak began in childhood with a desire to count everything and continued through college where she took every math class West Virginia State had to offer. Her love for math led to a streak that lasted throughout her three and a half decades with NASA: Katherine adored her job. She said, “There wasn’t one day when I didn’t wake up excited to go to work.”[9]

It is not an accident that we remember the accomplishments of each of these women. They intentionally chose to create lives that could be celebrated. It is their consistency that allowed them to realize such amazing achievements. Think about what consistency can do for you in your life. Then use streaking as the method to get you there.

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