Problem Finding Shared Documents? Try This!

What do you do with links to shared documents? For one reason or another, I can never find the link when I need to. The person who sent it, after a disgusted sigh, will email the link again but that is not a good solution. Wanting to solve this problem I started my search for answers, and it came one day when I was inviting a colleague to an online meeting with a link in the notes to the spreadsheet we would be editing. It was when I clicked “send” that it hit me!

I thought to myself, “When people send me a link to a shared document, why don’t I copy and paste that link in a weekly repeating calendar event titled ‘Shared Documents’ with a few words describing what the link is referencing?” Eureka! Problem of the lost links solved.

Since doing this, I have never lost or had to search for the link to a shared document. Anytime anyone references it, I know right where to look. The link is in my repeating Friday calendar event titled “Shared Documents.” (Note: The calendar event is an “all day” event marked as free so that it doesn’t take up a time slot on my calendar and it appears at the top of the day on Friday, at least that is how it works in Outlook.)

The question you might be asking right now is, “How does this relate to Streaking? Doesn’t he usually talk about being consistent?” The answer, well, one of my streaks is to have 10 or less emails in my inbox at the end of the workday. This streak is 2,007 days old and counting. For five and half years I have successfully cleared my inbox to 10 or less emails every day. To effectively manage my inbox, I have learned to make quick decisions on what to do with emails I receive through the day. Coming up with the idea to create a “shared documents” calendar event was a direct result of the streak.

While working with a Chief Operating Officer to reduce costs, he said, “when you remove variables you improve your ability to see problems and fix them.” Consistently clearing my inbox daily allowed me to see so that I could effectively solve a problem I was having. Through the years of clearing my inbox I have solved many other problems as well. Consecutive consistency, or Streaking, is a life changer.

Keep Streakin’,


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