Our Greatest Streaking Fear

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

If you listen to our podcast or have read the Streaking book, you know our Streaking adventure started with the streak of running or walking at least one mile six days a week. That streak was born from our desire to be healthy, not necessarily because of our love of running or walking a mile. Just under a year into our running streak, we uncovered the real power of streaking when we applied it to other areas of our life rather than just the physical.

This leads to our greatest Streaking fear. When you start a streak it is easy to see where to apply physical streaks. Winning streaks in athletics are easy to find - do a search in any search engine on winning streaks and your page will be filled with teams and individuals who have or have had a winning streak in sports. What you won't find is someone who has a 93 day writing streak, or a 1265 day reading streak, or a 965 day streak of thinking about one absurd way to solve a problem.

The physical streak is a valuable streak, it is an extrinsic show of an intrinsic commitment, but if you stop at the physical streak you lose the power of what Streaking can really do to help you grow to who you want to be. The physical streak is the easy place to start following the laws of streaking and we are all about starting in the easy place, but don't stop there. Find your break out streak and keep going. The break out streak is the streak that you keep outside of your physical streak.

Once your physical streak is well underway, which is usually 100 plus days, then look to other areas of your life where you want to grow. Look at your personal relationships, could one of those benefit from a streak? How about your profession, could that benefit from a streak or two? Maybe you want to get consistent in learning that could use a streak. How about a streak to stoke your creativity?

How about starting your Streaking journey with something other than a physical streak? You can do that too. You can start with a spiritual streak of reading at least one inspiriational message daily, or a professional streak of revieiwing one formula daily, or personal streak of completing one new craft weekly.

Streaking is consciously choosing to grow every day, week, or month in any area of your life not just the physical. Streaking is not a weight loss program or diet and exercise program. Can it help? Yes. However, if it is left to just the physical then you lose a wonderful opportunity to grow in many other ways in life.

Keep Streakin'

Jeff & Jami

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