“If I Can Stick With It…”

I received an email from a friend who felt the pull to improve in a couple of different areas of his life. After explaining where he would like to improve he said this, “I’ve set some goals I want to do and I feel like I can do if I stick with it.”

“If I can just stick with it,” is a common refrain when we want to improve and grow. However, after a time, the stickiness wears off and we are left with a little guilt, a little remorse, and a healthy dose of “next time I will stick to it.”

Here is the problem, using a goal where a streak belongs. A goal is not set up for stickiness. A goal is what you set to accomplish something. You complete a goal, you take the trip, pay off the debt, read the book, win the game, etc. These are all goals they have a starting line a finish line and a deadline. You succeed or fail at accomplishing a goal. Goals are the right tool to cover a gap. Goals are the wrong tool for stickiness.

The way you make something stick in your life is through streaking. Streaking is consciously and consistently completing an activity daily weekly or monthly that points to who you want to be. Do you want to be a better leader, an excellent teacher, or a continuous learner? To become what you want to be, employ a streak.

To become you have to do and do consistently. To become a better leader you have a streak to read one article on leadership weekly. To become an excellent teacher you have a streak to review a development card daily. To become a continuous learner you have a streak to read at least a paragraph in a non-fiction book daily.

Employ a goal to cover a gap. Employ a streak to grow.

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