Streaking LLC

Many organizations have their mission statement on this page. The mission statement describes the purpose of their organization or the contribution they will make to the world. At Streaking LLC we have a different statement to define our purpose and contribution to the world. Based on what we have learned from years of Streaking, instead of a mission statement, we have a company ”Be Statement.” Who we want to become, as an organization, drives what we do consistently.

Be Statement

We want to be a company that makes it possible for all individuals and organizations to consistently  and positively grow into who they want to be. We want to be a company that sees and celebrates people.  We want to be a company that gives.

The Streaking Leadership Team

Each of the people who lead Streaking LLC are invested in and passionate about growing just a little every day through doing laughably small things that inch them little by little to who they ultimately want to be. In addition to learning a little about each leader they also share one activity they are streaking and how long the streak is running.


Jami is a mother, leader, teacher, and passionate volunteer.  As the mother of seven children she is an expert in logistics, negotiation, diplomacy and project management. As a believer in the power of volunteering, Jami has served in many volunteer positions, often in a leadership capacity.  Her love of teenagers and her desire to empower young girls with confidence is evident in the many retreats, conferences, workshops and community service opportunities she has facilitated and organized.

Streak: Review at least one design element daily – 786 days and counting

Jami L. Downs – Author & Thought Leader


Jeffery J. Downs has worked with individuals and executive teams in both private and public organizations to translate strategy into record breaking consistent revenue growth. Jeff has had numerous years of executive leadership experience and also has consulted numerous executive teams to improve execution and consistency. He is passionate about sharing the practices and principles of sustained positive growth.

Streak: Read at least one paragraph in a non-fiction book daily - 1539 days and counting

Jeffery J. Downs – Author & Thought Leader


Talan David is known for his creativity in digital marketing and content creation. While attending Utah State University for his undergraduate studies, he started a video production company that created digital content for clients around the world. Many of his clients were internationally based and led him to film in Fiji, Iceland, Vietnam, Bali, and Tahiti. His degree and passion lies in digital marketing and paid social advertising.

Sweat at least once daily: 79 days

Get out of bed before 7:00 AM at least 5 days a week: 3 weeks

Talan David – Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Bahr Bio Pic 03.gif

Dave has spent many years working in both computer science and company development.  Over the years, Dave has developed and patented technology, helped revolutionize medical insurance billing, worked with the Pentagon, and created a worldwide SaaS system on which thousands of companies rely to accomplish their most critical objectives. He has also sponsored worldwide efforts to help with literacy and AIDS prevention.

Streak: Open the Duolingo app at least once daily – 569 days and counting

Dave Bahr – Chief Technology Officer